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Tenderloin Museum

According to the curators and directors of the Tenderloin Museum, a certain person who has devoted years of his life to documenting San Francisco’s central city and Tenderloin simply does not exist. I hope you will pardon my lack of enthusiasm over the museum’s opening today. Ignored if not outright rejected by the neighborhood into which I have poured all my love, I am right now feeling angry and crushed. Considering all I have endured and ultimately overcome in this life, I will most likely get over it . . . some day.

UPDATE (18 July 2015): I am over it. The work at hand is far more important to me.

St. Boniface Spire

“St. Boniface Spire” (2014)


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Friday night, 17 January 2014, Troy Holden’s “Neighbors” opened at the Lower Branch Gallery on Eddy Street. If you’re looking for sentimental or sensationalist images, go somewhere else. Shot entirely in the central city area, the large-format color prints in “Neighbors” are compassionate, unflinching portraits of people in their personal environments. Given that the central city is the neighborhood people love to hate, this show is bound to be an eye-opener for many, revealing directly and undeniably just how much each of us has in common. Do yourself a favor and see this show at 233 Eddy before it closes.








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Open Invitation

Everyone is cordially invited to an informal opening and reception for the installation of a permanent collection of my early photography at the Arlington Hotel, 480 Ellis Street, San Francisco on Thursday, 29 August 2013 at 10:30am.


“Peeling Wall” (2003)

Other permanent collections of my work are at the following locations:

Martin Building Company, 54 Mint Plaza, SF
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, 201 Eddy Street, SF
Community Justice Center, 555-575 Polk Street, SF
Zendesk, Inc., Hale Building, 989 Market Street, #300, SF
Twitter, Inc., Market Square Building, 1355 Market Street, #900, SF

See you on the 29th!


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Christmas Sale

All prints 50% off.

Help keep an aging, ailing artist off the streets! Visit my PRINTS page for details.

Fallen From Grace

“Fallen from Grace” (2009)

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