Source: California State Library

Old City Hall, circa 1900.

San Francisco’s urban fabric has undergone many changes since I first began documenting the central city back in 2003. Signs removed, buildings razed; much has simply disappeared. Soon, even more will vanish. With this in mind, I have reviewed my old material to see just how much of it needs to be updated. Unsurprisingly, there is much to be done, for not only has the City changed, but my writing and photography have also evolved. For starters, I have completely rewritten and expanded my piece about Marshall Square. I hope you enjoy it.

City Hall

“City Hall” (2011)


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Nuala Walters interviewed me for Hoodline last week, and you can read the results right here.

Hoodline recently teamed up with the Central City Extra to cover midtown San Francisco. Expect good things to come of this collaboration.

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Coming Soon

Imperial Theater

“Imperial Theater” (2014)

I am currently working on an extensive post about the Market Street Theater and Loft Historic District. Stay tuned.

Imperial Theater_1919
Source: Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley

Imperial Theater, 1919.

Be forewarned: it is not a happy story. For example, extensive alterations over the years have made the Imperial Theater an “intrusion,” meaning it does not have the protections afforded by “historic” status. Very soon, it will be demolished and replaced by — what else? — high-rise condominiums.


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Kindness of a Stranger

Ellis & Cyril Magnin Way

“Ellis and Cyril Magnin Way” (2014)

The nicest thing anyone has ever said about me came in the form of a comment, left awhile back on a friend’s blog.

Ellinger eats sawdust and shits two-by-fours. He’s the real deal.


Perhaps I am guilty of grasping at straws, but the very rawness of this simple declaration resonates deep inside me. All too often, people withdraw as soon as they find out I am living in poverty, as though it defines me. In my book, there is no better inspiration than this unknown person’s comment. Thank you, whoever you may be.


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