Mid-Market 2014, Parts 3 and 4

The fair and wondrous city that embraced me half a century ago has been transfigured. In the space of just a few years, so much of San Francisco’s urban fabric has been effaced that I barely recognize it anymore. My documentation of what has been and will be so carelessly thrown away and forgotten is necessarily limited and leaves much of the City unaccounted-for, although it is representative of what is happening to San Francisco as a whole. As San Francisco is transformed, so too is my relationship with the City. My daily life is infused with sadness, a wistful kind of sorrow, the melancholy of lost hopes and forgotten dreams.


“Matrix” (2014)


“Gateway” (2014)


“Rooftop” (2014)


“Stacks” (2014)

6th Street Hotels

“6th Street Hotels” (2014)

SoMa and Beyond

“SoMa and Beyond” (2014)


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6 responses to “Mid-Market 2014, Parts 3 and 4

  1. Cheryl Rody

    Alas, Seattle is rapidly transforming as well, as soulless and nondescript highrise condos go up and rents are increasingly prohibitive…

  2. yasiss

    The last few years have been difficult. Everywhere you go, there’s construction, noise, dirt. The quaint and sleepy San Francisco of old is rapidly being replaced by soulless high-rises — why must they all look the same? I imagine this is what happened in NYC 50 years ago, now it’s the Manhattanization of San Francisco. Thank you Mark for all your work throughout the years. At least we’ll have documentation of what was. Are all historians filled with nostalgia and sadness…?

    • I only know that I am.

      • It is the same here, in its own Canadian way: small locally-owned stores pushed out by big chains (though is the case of Target, they didn’t off what the people expected and pulled out leaving a lot of unpaid bills); new houses looking like they were made for money-saving,not aesthetics, although there are some attempts at doing attractive design, possibly forced by local heritage zoning. But with the collapse of the fisheries, due to the experts in Ottawa knowing more than those out in the boats, the harbour towns & villages have mostly disappeared and with them gas stations within reach, groceries nearby, and the small general stores which stocked what the people bought, not what someone at headquarters decided they’d want to buy.

        This time, I think the world really is going to hell in a handbasket, although perhaps something will happen to slow further losses…perhaps.

      • I think this may be part of old age? It is the same here, and I do not care to revisit places where I gre up for I know they are all commercialised by the soulless and heartless greedy, Disney-ised, corporate-image-ised…the list goes on….

      • The same thoughts have often occurred to me.

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