Kindness of a Stranger

Ellis & Cyril Magnin Way

“Ellis and Cyril Magnin Way” (2014)

The nicest thing anyone has ever said about me came in the form of a comment, left awhile back on a friend’s blog.

Ellinger eats sawdust and shits two-by-fours. He’s the real deal.


Perhaps I am guilty of grasping at straws, but the very rawness of this simple declaration resonates deep inside me. All too often, people withdraw as soon as they find out I am living in poverty, as though it defines me. In my book, there is no better inspiration than this unknown person’s comment. Thank you, whoever you may be.


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2 responses to “Kindness of a Stranger

  1. Ter'e

    OUCH!!!!! Thinking of those splinters.
    So happy you have posted!!!! It saved me from coming to SF and tracking your ass!!!!

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