Out of Sight

To my followers, I apologize for the long hiatus since I last published anything here. Unfortunately, my eyesight has been ruined by cataracts to the extent that I can no longer see well enough to take photographs. The good news is that I am scheduled for lens replacement surgery on 12 November. If all goes well, I hope to resume publishing sometime after Thanksgiving. In the meantime, best wishes to you all.

Mark Ellinger


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29 responses to “Out of Sight

  1. Ter'e Crow Lindsay

    This goes out to you and anyone else that might be able to answer.

    My Dad’s bar had been at 18 Mason St. Just off Mason and Eddy. It opened Sept. 1948. It closed in 1952 after his business partner had “reportedly” committed a murder and my father had been crippled in a car crash, just off The GG Bridge. We left SF shortly thereafter.

    I must interject and say…..I live in FL., so it is not the easiest task for me to answer this question.

    There had been this wonderful black gentleman, named Jackson, that stood close to their location and he knew both Bob and Eddie. He had been the local shoeshine man for ages. 40 yrs later, I returned to SF and went to the site of the bar and there was Jackson. I have gone back to see him on a few occasions. Jokingly Jackson has referred to me as his FL family. LOL. I am a short, stout little blond!!!! I used to send him Christmas cards and on occasion, a nice flannel shirt. He is/was truly an ace. I would like to know if Jackson is still alive.

    Does this old gentleman ring a bell to any of you???? If you are close to the location, could you make an inquiry???? I would deeply appreciate it.

    Thanks Mark……..

    • Jackson retired last year from the shoeshine business. He was a wonderful man. Frank and April from the 21 Club, the bar on Turk and Taylor would have more information. Frank owns the place and is usually bartending after 6pm. They know the rest of the story….

      • Ter'e Crow Lindsay

        Thanks Christine…..
        They have no website…..I’d have no idea when to call them. I have no home addr for Jackson, so I would not know how to contact his family. I don’t even know if he has family or not. Once again, the holidays are coming and I would love to mail him another warm shirt.
        Would it do any good if I listed my email addr???? Does Frank email, do you know?
        Jackson is my “other family” and I would love to do a little something dor him. I am thankful he is still alive. Thanks so much.

      • I know Frank and April, Ter’e. I’ll stop by the 21 Club and ask for Jackson’s mailing address sometime very soon. Okay?

      • Ter'e Crow Lindsay

        Mark’s gonna stop by soon…….that will work for me.
        Jackson knows me as “his family from Florida”. I’m Bob Crows daughter. Bob from the Port Hole. Jackson has to be getting up in years now……….
        I just need an address………..or………..I could send his gift to 21 Club! They’d get it to him.

        When I first met Jackson…..he said…..”was yo daddy the one that went to prison or was yo daddy the one that got killed in the car crash”? Well, Bob had been in the crash, he was crippled, not killed. I think I’ve seen Jackson….3-4 times.

        I love this. Made my year to know he is alive and well. Thanks guys!

      • Hi
        I stopped by 21 Club and they said he was here this morning. Club 21 phone number is: 415-771 9655 or you can give me your name and number and I can give it to Arthur. He said Jackson will be here at 9:30 Sunday.

  2. Ter'e Crow Lindsay

    I am marking my calendar……….praying you will do fine. With all you have been thru, I trust this will not get you down. You have such a gift.

    I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondered why you had been so quiet. And here you are………

    Good luck, my friend. Have faith. Keep us posted.

    • I would be lying if I were to say that life has not been very stressful or that I haven’t been pretty far down in the dumps. I’m hoping the upcoming surgery will improve my outlook (at least I can still make puns). Thanks for your good wishes, Ter’e.

      • Ter'e Crow Lindsay

        I have no qualms……..you will be better than new. Keep your faith……..God did not bring you this far, for your talents to end now. I am not an overly religious person, but this I know. Power of thinking, baby.

        In just a bit, I am going to post a question Mark………the ans can come from anyone……..but I hope to get an answer. If you will remember, back in 1950, my dad had a bar at Mason and Eddy. The Port Hole. He died in ’59 when I was 10. I still have an open ended question……..

        To be continued in a few………I have to shower and make nice, first.

  3. Elaine

    Mark, I wish you well as you undergo surgery and a quick and good recovery. I look forward to your further posts. Take good care if yourself. Elaine

  4. Chris Neblett

    Mark, your website is one of the best I’ve encountered when it comes to relating the San Francisco of bygone days and the architectural evidence of its former glory. I worked and/or lived in the City for 5 or so years back at the turn of this century, before getting married and moving to the Seattle area, and I still miss my solitary rambles around San Fran from time to time. I was hoping to make a trip down there sometime early next year and see if you might be up for a walk around the area you know so well. I hope your surgery is successful, and that you have many more years to pursue your calling. You are an American original!

  5. Mark, Everything will go very well for you! You will be photographing, writing and publishing very soon. I will look forward to it, too. My 75 year old friend was back to skeet shooting and breaking targets like a pro about 10 days after his surgery…
    Best to you~

    • I hope you’re right. I’ve had so many surgeries on various parts of my body in recent years, you would think I’d be used to it, but it doesn’t quite work that way. At any rate, thanks very much for the encouragement, Laurie.

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