Out of Sight

To my followers, I apologize for the long hiatus since I last published anything here. Unfortunately, my eyesight has been ruined by cataracts to the extent that I can no longer see well enough to take photographs. The good news is that I am scheduled for lens replacement surgery on 12 November. If all goes well, I hope to resume publishing sometime after Thanksgiving. In the meantime, best wishes to you all.

Mark Ellinger


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29 responses to “Out of Sight

  1. …by your message…my timing is impeccable my dear…you are heavy on my mind these past couple of months. ..and now I have searched and found you…but I would have anyway. I will spend some time in your blog and learn more of you, but many, many years ago your Spirit showed me you! I know your surgery went well. Let’s share our stories (I had an ankle replaced in January) Maybe coffee, tea, lunch sometime soon? On me? I am working in the Tenderloin. 415.606.4844 Always …just me “Star” Ana Be.

  2. Mike V.

    Mark, my best to you.
    Your photos are displayed with love in our house.

    Mike Vella
    San Diego, CA

    • Thank you, Mike. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying them.
      Stay tuned to my site, as I plan to add a lot of new material over the next few months.

    • Ter'e

      isn’t that how we all feel about Mark????
      He’s tops in my book.

      You are posting. thats a terrific sign. Hoping you are having a successful healing, my friend.

  3. Patricia

    I grew up on the peninsula in the 50’s and 60’s and spent a lot of time in the city with my aunt, then was lucky enough to live in the city (the Sunset) for a couple of years. I have been gone and landlocked for decades but I will always call San Francisco my home town. I have placed my latest novel in San Francisco in the 60’s and your web site and photos are so wonderful! It’s great to have names and stories for the memories I have of places I went when I was too little to know where we were going.
    Your images are perfect to answer many of the questions I have.
    Thank you for the history and the pictures.

  4. Mark, Wishing you good health and a quick recovery from surgery. We want to send you a special invite to book launch party for the San Francisco Neon book party on December 6. Please email us your street address if you want a hand-written invitation.
    Best, Randall and Al

  5. Cheryl Rody

    I’m so happy to see your post, Mark. I’ve thought of you often and hoped I would see some new photos. I’m glad that you are having your surgery. I’ve heard from others who have had cataract surgery and they all say it went well and they can see clearly again. Take good care, Mark ~ and let us know how you are doing. Wishing you all the very best…

  6. I have been thinking about you and so glad you posted. You have even been in my prayers.

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