Life Goes On

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of a friend, I recovered all my gear on October 16. In the time since then, I have been out taking pictures of Market Street and the back streets between 5th and 7th. So much change is taking place, I want to capture what remains of the old district before it irrevocably disappears. These shots are among my favorites so far.

Construction Site - Jessie Street

“Construction Site – Jessie Street” (2013)

Federal Hotel

“Federal Hotel” (2013)

Stevenson Street

“Stevenson Street” (2013)

Grant Building

“Grant Building” (2013)

Sunday Morning - Market Street

“Sunday Morning – Market Street” (2013)

Mechanics Savings Bank Building

“Mechanics Savings Bank Building” (2013)


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4 responses to “Life Goes On

  1. So glad you got your gear back! Always love your thoughtful photos and reflections.

    • Thanks, Rachel. In case you weren’t already aware, I started a photo blog on Tumblr last spring called Through Unsealed Eyes. Occasionally, I repost things there from this site, but mostly it consists of images and observations that are outside the realm of Up From The Deep. I imagine one thing you’ll like is that all the images are nice and large.

  2. Cheryl Rody

    This is great news, Mark! I always look forward to your photographs.

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