Where Is It?

Where Is It? #1

“Where Is It? (#1)” (2012)

How well do you know San Francisco? Just for the fun of it, I’m going to occasionally post a photo of some unnamed location. The first person to correctly identify the location will receive a signed postcard of my photo. Have fun and good luck!

WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to redseca2, who nailed it first. It’s the Bank of Italy Building at 1 Powell Street, designed by Walter Danforth Bliss and erected in 1920, with the Flood Building in the background. It seems I might have to make things more difficult in the second round!


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2 responses to “Where Is It?

  1. Nate Lielasus

    That’s one of the columns flanking the entrance of Forever 21 at Powell and Market. The Flood Building in the background is the give-away

  2. redseca2

    1 Powell Street, designed by Bliss and Flaville in 1920. The second headquaters building for Bank of America, formerly the Bank of Italy.

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