"Tenderloin" Read-Through_01

“David Sinaiko as Mark”

Last night I sat in on a read-through of Cutting Ball Theater‘s new play “Tenderloin” by Annie Elias. I have to admit it’s not just uncanny, it’s also somewhat discomfiting listening to a seasoned actor play the part of yourself. That said, it was amazing to see and hear so many people I know come to life in the faces and voices of the “Tenderloin” cast. The play’s gala opening night is scheduled for 04 May 2012 at the Exit Theater on Taylor Street and it promises to be a doozy.

"Tenderloin" Cast

“‘Tenderloin’ Cast” David Sinaiko, Leigh Shaw, David Westley Skillman, Rebecca Frank, Siobhan Marie Doherty (not pictured) Tristan Cunningham, Michael Kelly


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2 responses to ““Tenderloin”

  1. Helen Opie

    If I could, I’d hop on a plane and go see that! It must be weird to observe someone else rendering their version of you!

    • If one is self-critical by nature, as am I, it is more than strange. It was very hard to turn off my inner critic long enough to just enjoy the experience.

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