Happy New Year

New Year 2012

“Golden Gate Theater Cupola” (2011)


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2 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Your photo of The Crystal Palace, last of brothel of Diamond Jessie Hayman–I would like permission to use one of your photos on the Find a Grave memorial of the woman who built it. She was Coralie May Twombly, the daughter of Charles H. Twombly Sr and his 2nd wife Mary Margaret Burchard. Please see Find a Grave website for memorial to Charles Henry Twombly Sr, then it has a link to daughter Coralie may Twombly. She never married. Huge Twombly crypt in Mountain View Cemetery is where all the family were buried. Coralie went by Cora M. Twombly and died not too long after the structure was built at 128-132 Eddy St. She intended to run a large lodging house. She died in 1915 having never married. Her parents lived at 624 Sixteenth Street and description of it says it was in Oakland.

    • Thanks for sharing the info about Cora Twombly. By all means, use my photo of the Crystal Hotel and let me know if you’d like to have a high-resolution image.


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