A Holiday Wish


Winter Sunrise_Opie

“Winter Sunrise” (Photo: Helen Opie)

This photo was sent to me last year by Helen Opie, an artist friend who lives in Nova Scotia, whose beautiful paintings and stunning quilt work can be seen and purchased on her website HelenOpie.com. I love this photo of Helen’s back yard so much, I took the liberty of doing a little retouching and cropping to turn it into my Christmas card for this year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

As always, may your holidays be warmth-filled and stress-free.


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2 responses to “A Holiday Wish

  1. Cheryl Rody

    Your card is stunningly beautiful. I wish I could crawl into it and be there, away from the stresses of city life and white light, to listen to nature and to the silence, and to bask in peace under the star-filled sky at night. Thank you also for your good wishes; may they be yours also.
    Incidentally, I also liked your card a couple of years back of the driftwood with the red bobble. The shape reminded me of Ganesh.

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