Herald Hotel


“Herald” (2007)

(333/6) 302-316 Eddy Street; Herald Hotel. Mid-priced hotel with 159 rooms and 106 baths. 7B stories; steel frame structure and brick walls with terra cotta trim; second floor window surrounds, belt courses, three-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule with coffered ceiling; lobby: desk and lounge space with pilaster order and coffered ceiling; iron and glass marquee with “Hotel Herald”. Alterations: entry, storefronts replaced in style of 1910s. Owners: Laura Hirschfeld 1910, Citizens Housing Corp. and RHC Communities 2004. Architect: Alfred Henry Jacobs 1910, Schwartz & Rothschild 2004. 1910.

Now that it has been restored, the Herald is one of the loveliest buildings in the Tenderloin, appearing much the same as it did a century ago. The large corner storefront was originally a drug store. Ten years after he designed the Herald, architect Alfred Henry Jacobs designed the now-demolished Granada Theater on Market Street (see also “Paramount Theater” in Part II: Mid-Market).


Brochure, circa 1910.


“Herald Lobby” (2011)


Postcard, circa 1910.


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2 responses to “Herald Hotel

  1. Cheryl Rody

    A bit of trivia regarding the Herald Hotel (and I’m certain there are more interesting stories) is that Jack Ruby resided there with an Eva Grant in the late 30s when he was trying to solicit local newspapers. This info is listed in the FBI files on Ruby that was included in the preposterous Warren Commission Report on JFK’s assassination.

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