“Hotel Elm” (2003)

(333/11) 364 Eddy Street; Hotel Eaton (1911), Hotel Rand, Hotel Elm (1929). Rooming house with eighty-seven rooms and forty-eight baths. 5B stories; brick structure with glazed brick veneer; four-story galvanized iron bay windows and cornice; two-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule: marble walls, paneled ceiling, tile and marble floor; lobby: desk space with Ionic columns and beams. Alterations: marquee at entry, security gate. Original owners: R. J. Sullivan and George Gale. Architect: L.M. Gardener. 1911.

The Tenderloin’s architectural character—its personality, if you will—is defined as much by its blade signs as it is by the buildings themselves.


“Night Sign – Elm” (2003)

The Elm’s neon blade sign had been restored just a few days before I took this photograph, so it was absolutely pristine. The bluish tint of the tubes spelling out “hotel” indicates that the tubes are brand-new. As white tubes age they become yellowed, so that blue tells a little story of its own.


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2 responses to “Elm

  1. Cheryl Rody

    I love the blade signs on the hotels. This one is especially nice with the new bulbs all lit up. It is a real treat turning on my computer and finding these emails with the architectural descriptions of the lovely old hotels of San Francisco. Thank you.

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