Antonia Manor


“Antonia Manor” (2007)

(339/11A) 180-194 Turk Street; Hotel Governor, Antonia Manor (1983). Mid-priced hotel with 145 rooms and 134 baths. 10B stories; reinforced concrete structure with stucco facade; galvanized iron cornice, corner marquee from 1930s and entry marquee from 1950s; three-part vertical composition; mix of Gothic and Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; lobby: decorative columns and beamed ceiling. Alterations: double-hung aluminum sash. Original owner: Catherine S. Blair. Architect: Creston H. Jensen. 1925.

Nicely renovated by the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, the Antonia is home to Mimi’s Manor House restaurant, one of my long-time favorite Tenderloin eateries. The portions are huge and the prices unbelievably low, plus I am completely infatuated with Mimi herself, a real gem in this or any other neighborhood. The entrance to the restaurant is on Jones Street (bottom left in the photo).

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