Jones Below Ellis


“Jones Below Ellis” (2007 Survey)

(333/1) 401-421 Ellis Street; Gashwiler Apartments, St. George Apartments. Apartment building with eighteen two-, three-, and four-room units. 4B stories; brick structure with galvanized iron cornice; keystones, bracketed lintels; two-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule: square column order with decorative tile at entry, mosaic floor, paneled walls and ceiling, wood and glass doorway; lobby: stair landing; storefronts: Moderne corner bar (“Jonell”) with vitrolite between tile-faced storefronts; bronze plaques flank door with “St. George 2-3-4 Room Apartments”; partial alterations to storefronts. Original owner: Laura Lowell Gashwiler. Architect: Julius E. Krafft. 1907.

(333/2) 345 Jones Street; apartment hotel with thirty one-, two- and three-room units. 5B stories; reinforced concrete structure; stucco facade, five-story bay windows, galvanized iron cornice, three-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule: Moderne entry frame. Alterations: security gate. Original owner: Mrs. J. Baldwin. Architect: O’Brien Brothers. 1912.

(333/4) 335-341 Jones Street; stores. 1-story; reinforced concrete structure. Alterations: facade stripped of all ornament. Original owner: Robert Ibersen. Architect: T. Paterson Ross. 1919.

(333/5) 333 Jones Street; garage. 2-stories; reinforced concrete structure; stucco facade, castellated parapet; two-part commercial composition; alterations: steel roll-up doors. Designer and owner unknown. l930.

(333/6) 302-316 Eddy Street; Herald Hotel. Mid-priced hotel with 159 rooms and 106 baths. 7B stories; steel frame structure and brick walls with terra cotta trim; second floor window surrounds, belt courses, three-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule with coffered ceiling; lobby: desk and lounge space with pilaster order and coffered ceiling; iron and glass marquee with “Hotel Herald”. Alterations: entry, storefronts replaced in style of 1910s. Owners: Laura Hirschfeld 1910, Citizens Housing Corporation and RHC Communities 2004. Architect: Alfred Henry Jacobs 1910, Schwartz & Rothschild 2004. 1910.

The storefront at 335 Jones Street (identifiable in this photo by the blank, pink-colored blade sign) was formerly the Black Rose, a transgender bar that featured live impersonations of famous female singers. A friend of mine, Nikki Harris, used to perform there as Ella Fitzgerald. The St. George Apartments were originally named for Laura Lowell Gashwiler, widow of a gold mining millionaire and one of the first kindergarten teachers in the United States.

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