“Evangeline” (2007)

(349/4) 36-44 McAllister Street; Salvation Army Girls Hotel, Young Women’s Boarding Home of the Salvation Army, the Evangeline. Rooming house with 211 rooms and fourteen baths. 8B stories; reinforced concrete structure; scored stucco facade with end bays surmounted by Salvation Army symbols; three-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule: pilaster order at entry. Alterations: ground level mostly remodeled, aluminum windows, cornice removed. Original owner: Salvation Army. Architect: Norman R. Coulter. 1922.

Built “for working girls employed at a small wage” by The Salvation Army, the Evangeline has been renamed the Civic Center Residence by its current owner, the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation.


Postcard, circa 1930.


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23 responses to “Evangeline

  1. Sharon

    I lived at the Evangeline in Washington, DC, in 1967 — had just graduated from Laurel, MD, and had a job at GSA. Some good times!

  2. marieagerken

    I lived in the Evangeline in Washington, D.C in 1967/1969
    I lived in the Evangeline in San Francisco, CA in 1969/1971
    Both were great places to live.

    • Sharon

      I also lived at the Evangeline in Washington, DC in 1967. It was on 14th Street. I had just graduated from Laurel High School and started working for GSA. Remember Eddie Leonards (sp?) sandwich shop and Benny’s Rebel Room LOL. Good times…I was young back then.

  3. LCooper

    Did anyone live in the Evangeline Residence in 1935-1940 in Los Angeles the one on 1005 W. 6th street. Pls contact me centralcoastgirl6@yahoo.com

    • Jill Stokes

      One of the things on my bucket list is to go back to San Francisco and revisit my old stomping grounds. I lived at The Evangeline in 1968/69. This summer (June) I made it back and wow have things changed. The Evangeline is now a boarding house for low income and many of the surrounding once vibrant businesses are boarded up. Kind of sad that that area has declined so much but I am glad that The Evangeline is providing a good service for those who need a hand up. Attached is a photo taken the day I first arrive at the Evangeline in October of 1968.


    I lived at The Evangeline residence for women in Detroit, Mi. in 1956-57 & was wondering if anyone lived therein those years & what their memories were – they also provided meals during the week & on weekends too.

  5. I lived at the San Francisco Evangeline while I was going to school in 1968/69. What fun memories. I would love to get back to San Fran again someday and see if it’s still standing. I heard that it was sold and converted into an apartment building.

  6. BJH

    I lived at the Evangeline Residence for working women in Detroit Michigan in 1960 and it was also run by the Salvation Army.

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