The Very First


“Hotel Hamlin” (2011)

(338/18) 385-387 Eddy Street; Hotel Hamlin, Victory Hotel (1982). Mid-priced hotel with eighty-six rooms and fifty-two baths. 6B stories; brick structure; glazed brick facade, with molded and two-color brick tiers of windows; two-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule: arched entry, marble walls, coffered ceiling; signs: painted “Hotel Hamlin” on upper west side wall. Alterations: marquee removed, security gate. Original owner George Hamlin Fitch; Designer unknown. 1906.

Successive waves of activity marked the Tenderloin’s reconstruction following the 1906 cataclysm, and the first wave arrived as soon as the rubble left by the fire had been cleared. The first new post-fire buildings in the district were mostly concentrated in the area closest to Market Street. Notable exceptions were the Arlington Hotel at 480 Ellis, the Hotel Proctor (Pacific Bay Inn) at 520 Jones, and several buildings around the intersection of Eddy and Leavenworth, including the Hamlin, Allen, and Cadillac Hotels. Opened in the fall of 1906, the Hamlin was the very first of the new hotels to open after the fire.

Source: California State Library

Hotel Hamlin, 1906. Next to the already-opened Hamlin is the Lando Building, an office building that was converted to a rooming house by 1914. On the other side of Leavenworth Street is the nearly-finished Allen Hotel.

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