West Hotel

West Hotel

“West Notel” (2007)

(340/18) 141–145 Eddy Street; Hotel Dunloe (1923), Hotel Zee (1984), West Hotel (2005). Rooming house with 129 rooms and thirty-nine baths. 5B stories; brick structure; ground floor pilaster order, three-story arched bays with keystones, galvanized iron belt course and cornice; three-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule, lobby, and storefronts all remodeled. Owners: Gus and A.K. Harshall (1908), Vasilios Glimidakis (1967-1984), Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (2007). Architects: Cunningham and Politeo. 1908.

Adjacent to the Hotel Ambassador is the renovated West Hotel, low-income housing owned and operated by the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation. Restaurateur Vasilios Glimidakis, “the Greek from Crete,” owned the hotel from 1967 to 1984, when around it flourished a little pocket of Greek cuisine and culture embodied by the Minerva Café (a taverna owned and managed by Glimidakis), the Golden Peacock, and Mike’s Bar and Mediterranean Café.

Minerva Cafe, 1974
Source: San Francisco History Center, S.F. Public Library (Photo: Mary Anne Kramer)

Minerva Café, 1974. From 1967 until 1984, the Minerva occupied a storefront of the Empress Hotel, across the street from the West (then named the Hotel Dunloe).

Golden Peacock
Source: San Francisco History Center, S.F. Public Library (Photo: Mary Anne Kramer)

Golden Peacock Restaurant, 1974. The venerable and renowned Greek taverna was located at 173 Eddy, in a storefront of the Rosenbaum Building.

Source: San Francisco History Center, S.F. Public Library (Photo: Mary Anne Kramer)

Mike’s Bar and Restaurant, 1974. Mike’s occupied the corner storefront of the Bristol Hotel at Eddy and Mason.


“West” (2006)

The hotel’s storefront is an adult theater that opened as the Aquarius in 1970, and in 1978 was renamed the Tea Room.


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  1. Mark, I’ve been a fan of this site for years. Your mix of personal and historical narratives, along with your razor sharp eye for detail makes Up From the Deep compelling. I would like to share a beer with you at the Brown Jug sometime.

    • Thank you, Curtis. Meeting over a beer at the Brown Jug sounds good to me, perhaps some Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

      • Cool. I’ll shoot you a line next time I am coming to the city. I live on the south side of Chicago but visit SF regularly.

      • Try to notify me as far in advance as possible, Curtis. My life has been full of appointments with various doctors and clinics lately, which makes it difficult to schedule anything on short notice. I’m sure we can do this. Looking forward to it.

      • Understood. Best wishes for robust health in the new year.

  2. You always capture the sky so well Mark

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