Windeler Apartments


“Windeler” (2007)

(323/7) 425 Ellis Street; Windeler Apartments. Apartment building with sixty-two one- and two-room units. 6B stories; reinforced concrete structure with brick and painted terra cotta facade; decorative brickwork, terra cotta base with arched openings and decorative belt course, galvanized iron cornice; three-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule: marble floor, terra cotta walls, doorway with wood, glass, and bronze; decorative lobby hard to see; sign: “424 Ellis Apartments, Rooms” on bronze plaque next to entry; alterations: aluminum windows, painted terra cotta. West portion of lot is parking lot. Original owner Peter Windeler, Secretary, Enterprise Brewing Company. Architect: August Nordin. 1915.

Amid the surrounding architecture, the Windeler is somewhat of a novelty, distinguished by the subtle embroidery of its patterned brickwork, the peculiar design of its cornice, and its oddly flamboyant belt course. Such eye-catching admixtures of eccentric ornament are virtually the signature of August Nordin, who also designed the Cristobal Apartments on O’Farrell Street.


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2 responses to “Windeler Apartments

  1. marc

    I manage this building. I would love to find old photos or anything written about this property. Im very interested in the history of the building. If anyone can share something with me, or point me in a direction, I would really appreciate it.

    • A search of the property records at the Assessor’s Office would be a good starting point. Also, San Francisco Architectural Heritage is an excellent resource.

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