Hotel Boyd

Boyd Hotel

“Boyd Hotel” (2004)

(349/2) 39–41 Jones Street; Hotel Boyd. stores and rooming house with eighty-seven rooms and twenty-six baths. 7B stories; brick structure; rusticated second and third floor facade, flat arches and keystones, galvanized iron cornice; two-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; signs: two neon blade signs “Hotel Boyd”; alterations: storefronts partly altered including security grilles, aluminum windows, doorway. Original owner: Mary D. Tobin, wife of Hibernia Bank President Joseph S. Tobin. Architect: William Helbing. 1907.

The Boyd Hotel is sandwiched between the old Hibernia Bank and the St. Anthony Foundation. The Boyd’s storefront was until the ’90s home to the immensely popular Herrington’s,* one of several Irish bars that once dotted the Tenderloin streetscape.

*not to be confused with Harrington’s at Turk and Larkin.

Source: San Francisco History Center, S.F. Public Library (Photo: Mary Anne Kramer)

Herrington’s Bar, 1964.

December Morning

“December Morning” (2006)

The hotel’s blade signs were newly restored when I photographed them just after sunrise one December morning in 2006.


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6 responses to “Hotel Boyd

  1. GloBug

    I used to work at the Hibernia Bank. The dome room was my office! We used to come down the front steps and go left to Herrington’s for lunch. Great spinach salads! Or we’d go right, and have a fun lunch at Squids! We were just talking about Herrington’s, and it was fun to find your pic. Thanks for that!

  2. greg williams

    I am on ssi/ssdi and need a room . are there any at the boyd that you know of ?
    greg 3-4-2017

  3. Bad bitch

    The Boyd can SUCK MY BALLS

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