Early Sunday Morning

Early Sunday Morning #1

“Early Sunday Morning #1” (2003)

(338/17) 393–399 Eddy Street; Lando Hotel, Troy Hotel (1914), LeBurt Hotel (1923), Lester Hotel, Hotel St. George (1982), K and H Hotel (2007). 3B stories; brick structure; arcaded top story, decorative frieze above ground level, galvanized iron cornice; two-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule: paneled walls, transom; alterations: security gate and grilles, storefronts. Original owners: Morris and Meyer Lando. Architects: Rousseau and Sons. 1906.

Early Sunday Morning #2

“Early Sunday Morning #2” (2003)

Along with the Hamlin Hotel, this splendid structure was one of the first buildings to be completed during the Tenderloin’s reconstruction. Beginning as an office building, it was converted to a rooming house by 1914. After several name changes over the years, in 1982 it was rechristened as the Hotel St. George, a name befitting the building’s dignity and grace. Twenty years later, under new ownership, it was renamed the K and H Hotel, a truly awful name for this little architectural gem. Happily, the old St. George sign is still there, as it serves to keep alive a bit of history worth remembering.

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