A long-overdue “Thank You”

Entrance to Mason Street YMCA, 1906
Source: Bancroft Library, U.C. Berkeley

Entrance to Mason Street YMCA, 1906.

My sincere thanks to all who attended my talk and slideshow May 26th at the Cadillac Hotel. Special thanks to Courtney Clarkson of the Victorian Alliance, and to Leroy and Kathy Looper for hosting my talk at the Cadillac. My apologies for such a belated notice.


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2 responses to “A long-overdue “Thank You”

  1. Please let the world know when your book comes out. I’m writing from Honolulu, so I hope your book will be available via Amazon. Your work is very detailed and quite good. Your book will be like a living, breathing document of the TL. Do you plan to photograph other neighborhoods in San Francisco too? Thank you.

    • Thanks for your very kind words, Paul. I can’t say at this time when I’ll be finished with my history of the Tenderloin, much less when I’ll find a publisher; but when I do, you can be certain I won’t keep it under my hat.

      At this time I have no plans to photograph other neighborhoods. Time (and my health) will tell.

      Thanks again for your comments.

      Best regards,

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