Thank You

My sincere thanks to all who attended my talk and slideshow at SF Architectural Heritage on 16 July. Every seat in the ballroom was taken and I couldn’t have asked for a warmer, more attentive and responsive audience. Special thanks to fellow photographer and lover of all things San Francisco, Mike Humbert, for snapping this picture of me during my talk.



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6 responses to “Thank You

  1. I have spent about an hour looking at your new photo-tour and truly regret that I didn’t stay on a bus bound for SF in 2004 instead of dutifully continuing to Phoenix. I have never been west of Arizona in North America, and this is the next-best thing to getting to SF itself. Thank you for the stirring photos, the articulate captions and little comments, and for putting them all together.

    Thank you, Helen. I wish you’d bypassed Phoenix and come to San Francisco, too. Maybe someday, eh? Thanks so much for dropping in on my blog and commenting.

    Helen resides in Nova Scotia, where she paints gorgeous pictures of this coastal province and makes quilts that are absolutely stunning. I highly recommend a visit to her website at


  2. michaelvella

    Congrats to you on your continued success.
    Your story and your photos are inspirational.

    Thanks, Michael. How are you? It’s been a long time since we last connected.


  3. Patricia

    congrats Mark! This is so exciting…Although, I am so sad to have missed your lecture… must of been an amazing evening.
    This is a beginning of many future lectures and new audiences….bravo!

    lovely photo too by Mike Humbert!


    Thanks, Patricia. As to future talks and new audiences: I’m working on it!

  4. Jack Gold

    Mark, it was great to have you kick off Heritage’s 2009 Lecture Series-and to a packed room, and with many engaged questions at the end. I was delighted at the evening, and even more pleased with your stunning visuals and extremely thoughtful, articulate commentary. Well done! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and knowledge.

    And thank you, Jack, for giving me the opportunity. It was for me, too, an entirely delightful evening.

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