In Memoriam

Jeoflin Roh   1951 – 2008

Jeoflin at Lanton Gardens, 2005

“Jeoflin at Langton Gardens, 2005”

Few people have been as committed to improving their community as Jeoflin Roh. A founding member of the Central City Restorative Justice Project, the Central City SRO Collaborative and the Positively 6th Street Community Fair, Jeoflin’s far-reaching activism in one way or another has touched the lives of all who live in the central city. In the early morning hours of August 2nd, the day of the 7th Annual 6th Street Fair, a brain tumor claimed his life. He was one of a kind, genuinely eccentric, a kind and gentle soul, sometimes unpredictable, often misunderstood, but loved by those who knew him. Jeoflin was the torch bearer for community-based restorative justice in San Francisco, and continued to work until the very end.

My thanks to all who attended Jeoflin’s memorial, especially his family, for helping to give Jeoflin the warm and loving tribute he deserved.

(See also “Remembering Jeoflin” in Part I: Sixth Street.)


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6 responses to “In Memoriam

  1. JoAnn Overacker

    I am one of Jeoflin’s many siblings, one of his sisters. I want to thank you all who attended tonight;s memorial from the bottom of my heart. Mark thank you so much for letting us know of the gathering. My mom, two brothers and another sister who were able to attend were all truly touched and left there very proud of my brother. Everyone was very welcoming. We will miss him tremendously and may his work he began continue through you all.

    Thank you and all your family for coming, JoAnn. Your presence was not just greatly appreciated, it was also very necessary for all of us to share that time together.


  2. BZ MD

    Also a dedicated member of the Tom Waddell Health Center Community Advisory Board. he will be missed.

    Thank you for dropping in, Dr. Zevin. I hope you will come to the memorial gathering on the 28th.

  3. Terrie Frye

    Yes, Jeoflin was an eccentric, one-of-a-kind personality, but he was OUR eccentric, one-of-a-kind personality. I just spoke to him a few weeks ago and while he sounded weak, he was in pretty good spirits. I was just looking at some old photos last night before I got this news and came across a few of Jeoflin and was thinking about him and that I should call him. I hope he knows how much we all loved him.

    You’re right, Terrie, he was ours and he is irreplaceable. I have more photos of Jeoflin. Let me know if you would like to have copies of them.

  4. Rob Black

    Go well Jeoflin, you have earned it. Thank you for making the world, and those that you met along the way, better than how you found us.

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  6. Sorry to hear about your friend. People my age should not be allowed to die. Unfortunately, we all do eventually.

    Thanks, Silverstar. Sadly, many of my friends have died over the past couple of decades, all of them far younger than Jeoflin, who was younger than I by two years.

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