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Mid-Market 2014, Part 2

The revitalization, so to speak, of the mid-Market corridor was already well underway when I shot this series of photos. Cranes and construction curtains are evident in many of the images, and this was only the beginning. Several buildings along the stretch of Market between Fifth and Seventh Streets will soon be demolished. Most of them will be replaced with high-rise condominiums. Even as the Great White Way faded and eventually died, its residuum sustained the landscape’s familiarity. Very soon, I fear, I will feel like a stranger, and Market Street like a foreign land.

(Reminder: all images can be enlarged with a single click.)

Gone is the Glamour

“Gone is the Glamour” (2014)

Faded Beauty

“Faded Beauty” (2014)


“Courthouse” (2014)


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Mid-Market 2014

Last summer, I photographed a large series of bird’s-eye views of the central city, which I am just now getting around to processing and editing. Rather than wait until they are all finished, I will post them in small batches as I go, starting with these.

Central City

“Central City” (2014)

Market and Taylor

“Market and Taylor” (2014)

Central Market

“Central Market” (2014)

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Life Goes On

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of a friend, I recovered all my gear on October 16. In the time since then, I have been out taking pictures of Market Street and the back streets between 5th and 7th. So much change is taking place, I want to capture what remains of the old district before it irrevocably disappears. These shots are among my favorites so far.

Construction Site - Jessie Street

“Construction Site – Jessie Street” (2013)

Federal Hotel

“Federal Hotel” (2013)

Stevenson Street

“Stevenson Street” (2013)

Grant Building

“Grant Building” (2013)

Sunday Morning - Market Street

“Sunday Morning – Market Street” (2013)

Mechanics Savings Bank Building

“Mechanics Savings Bank Building” (2013)


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“Anamnesis” (2007 Survey)

(338/9) 256–266 Turk Street; Granada Garage; two stories; reinforced concrete withstucco facade; giant order with semicircular parapet; temple frontcomposition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation. Alterations: none. Owner: James J. Walker Co. (1920). Contractor: Monson Brothers. 1920.

(338/6, 24) 230–250 Turk Street; building under construction (2007).

(338/5) 218-220 Turk Street; apartment building with eight rooms and four baths. 3B stories; reinforced concrete with stucco facade; galvanized iron lintels and cornice; two-part commercial composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule with mosaic flooring; lobby: stair landing. Alterations: storefronts replaced by aluminum and glass, aluminum sash. Owner: Chas W. Dixon (1921). Contractor: Monson Brothers. 1921.

(338/4) 201-217 Jones Street; 205 Jones Apartments; stores and apartment building with fifty two-room units; 6B stories; steel frame structure with brick curtain walls; galvanized iron belt courses, cornice; three-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; vestibule: cornice molding; marquee and sconces at entry. Alterations: security gate, storefronts. Owner: Walt A. Plummer, W. A. Plummer Mfg. Company (bags, tents, etc.). Architect: Edward E. Young. 1924.

Antonia Manor (formerly Hotel Governor). 180 Turk Street. Architect: Creston H. Jensen. 1925.

Here photographed in mid-construction and completed in early summer 2008, the Salvation Army’s Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center was built with funds that were part of a 1.5 billion dollar bequest made in 2003 by hamburger heiress Joan Kroc. It replaces the Army’s old community center, which many years ago had been the Hotel Von Dorn, one of the buildings erected during the first wave of the Tenderloin’s reconstruction. In its heyday, the Von Dorn was clearly a very charming and cozy hotel.



Tri-fold postcard, circa 1908. Faintly visible behind the Hotel Von Dorn’s steel frame is the Hotel Cadillac on Eddy Street.


Postcard, circa 1915.


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