“Hotel Metropolis” (2009)

(340/4) 2-16 Turk Street; Glenn Hotel, State Hotel, Oxford Hotel, Hotel Metropolis. Hotel with 122-rooms and 115 baths – one bath per room or suite. 9B stories; steel frame with brick-clad concrete walls; rams heads, galvanized iron cornice; three-part vertical composition; Renaissance/Baroque ornamentation; lobby: desk and lounge with stenciled, bracketed beamed ceiling and decorative iron staircase, walls refinished. Alterations: ground floor remodeled. Original owners: St. Francis Realty Company 1911, Elizabeth House 1923. Architect: William H. Weeks. 1911.

Source: San Francisco History Center, SF Public Library (Photo: Tom Gray)

Sam’s Original Brauhaus, 1964. Sam’s was a very popular hofbrau, comparable to Tommy’s Joynt at Van Ness and Geary.


Postcard, circa 1945.

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